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Children Of The Movement

A Black Lives Matter Story

As an artist I felt a want to capture the Black Lives Matter movement, and this crucial time in our country's history. More so I felt a need. Telling this story through my eyes was something I had to do. So, armed with my mask and camera I attended a couple of marches and discovered the story that my eyes wanted to tell.


I was amazed at how many kids were at my first march. Not just preteens and teens, but little kids. They weren't just there, they were actively engaged. They were marching, chanting, and carrying signs they had clearly made themselves. Signs written in crayon and marker, some with backwards letters, spelling errors, and messy drawings. It was inspiring, and for some reason those imperfect signs made their presence even more powerful. To these kids, even those so young they can't spell, this problem is obvious. And in their innocent eyes, the answer is so clear; "stop hurting black people", "treat everyone the same", "be nice to black friends like friends".


My eyes drew me to these kids, and the messages they were spreading. I was moved and inspired by them. By their actions. And as an artist, I couldn't stop taking their pictures. It was so clear to me that this was the story I wanted to tell about this moment in history. I wanted to tell the story of how racial injustice in our country is so obvious that even the youngest members of our society see it. And more importantly, they want to change it. They are our future. They are our hope. Hope for a world full of a lot more love and a lot less hate and injustice. If they could make me see a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe through my photos they could make others see it too. 

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