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A Conversation With: Stephen Kellogg

In the first episode of my monthly interview series I talk to singer/songwriter and author Stephen Kellogg about about all things art and life, and the various ways the two have intersected in his life. Broken into two parts, we discuss topics ranging all the way from politics to family, lyrics to authenticity, and everything in between.

Part 1: 2020 - A Year In Art & Life

In part one we discuss the ways that art and life collided for Stephen in 2020, particularly when it came to politics, The Virtual Experience Tour, and his music career becoming a family affair.

Part 2: Life, Lyrics, Authenticity, and Heroes

In part two we take a deep dive into lyrics, and also talk about vulnerability and authenticity in songwriting, and our heroes.


Be sure to check out Stephen's music, as well as his book "Objects in the Mirror: Thoughts on a Perfect Life from an Imperfect Person", available everywhere you stream or purchase music and books!

Check back next month my next interview!


Bailey Elizabeth


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