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They Wanted To Say...

"Lively & dynamic, or sincere & subtle, she captures the real emotion of the individual, the life of the band. Her photos are purposeful & quality. Breathing & feeling. Singing & moving."

The Hunts

"The thing about Bailey is that you know she puts every bit of her soul into each artistic endeavor she undertakes. In a day and age when so many of us just rush through life, she invests herself in doing beautiful work. It’s inspiring to be on the receiving end of her lens and see her capture the magic you suspected was inside of you, but couldn’t confirm until you saw one of her photos."

Stephen Kellogg

"Artists need other artists to complete & support them, and Bailey is one of those artists our band couldn't go without. The live moments documented by her gifted & experienced eye are both meaningful & professional. Lively & dynamic, or sincere & subtle, she captures the real emotion of the individual, the life of the band. Her photos are purposeful & quality. Breathing & feeling. Singing & moving. The live imagine of The Hunts wouldn't exist without our friend & fellow creative, Bailey Elizabeth Rogers."

The Hunts

"Bailey is a truly talented photographer with exceptional attention to detail. She is able to build great relationships with artists, many times collaborating with them after meeting at one of our shows. Both as lead photographer and Sofar ambassador on our team, Bailey continuously demonstrates she is dedicated, reliable, and can

effectively deliver the best results possible."

Florencia Perez, Sofar Sounds St. Louis City Leader

"Bailey Elizabeth is one of the most humble & welcoming photographers I’ve worked with in the last 3 years. Meeting at Sofar Sounds STL she has become one of my favorite eyes to work with. Overcoming her own personal trials and challenges she’s a powerhouse to be around. So patient and so kind. She has this ability to catch you naturally allowing you to see yourself how you may not have seen yourself before. Very thought provoking images are birthed when she snaps them. To work with Bailey is work with love!"

Leethal The Poet

"Getting high quality live or posed shots of my clients can be a hassle. Getting them quickly is even harder. Bailey Elizabeth Rogers has a great eye for a good shot, and you're never left waiting for the photos. She's a pleasure to work with. The industry needs more photographers like her."

Jessica K. Martin Marrionette Management

"Professionalism, passion, expertise, and kindness are just a few of the outstanding qualities behind the lens of Bailey’s camera. Her attention to detail and adoration for photography sets her apart from amateurs with cameras. Bailey pours herself into her photography and her work has boldly out-ranked the many other lifelong professional photographers we’ve worked with. There is no other photographer who has a better understanding of how to present our message to the public through magnificent photos than Bailey Elizabeth Rogers. If you’re not working with her, you’re falling short.” 

The Matching Shoe

"Bailey is an incredible photographer in any setting. I’ve used her for an album cover shoot, in non-traditional venues with unpredictable lighting, and in real outfitted venues for bigger gigs— everything always comes out beautiful. She has a great eye and vision for her art, and she strongly believes in helping other artists."

Joanna Serenko, The Voice Season 18

"Hands down, Bailey is one of the most dynamic and brilliant photographers I have ever been captured by. She has an amazing creative foresight to set up the perfect shot and is an exceptional communicator. I adore her and her work and can't wait for the next shoot!"

Chanese Elife 

"Bailey is one of the most talented and reliable photographers I've had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she always incredibly communicative, but the quality of her work is nothing short of amazing. No matter the environment, Bailey can always figure out a way to blend right in and capture the best moments at all of our events."

Will Hunersen, Porchfest STL & Sofar Sounds St. Louis

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